Marcel Proust

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Marcel Proust

The novelist in 1900
Natawo Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust
10 Hulyo 1871(1871-07-10)
Auteuil, France
Namatay 18 Nobyembre 1922 (edad 51)
Paris, France
Trabaho Novelist, essayist, critic
Genres Modernism
(Mga) kilala nga buhat In Search of Lost Time


Hi Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust (Hulyo 10, 1871 – Nobyembre 18, 1922) usa nga Franses nga nobelista, manunurat ngan kritiko, nakilala tungod han pagsurat niya han À la recherche du temps perdu (ha Iningles), In Search of Lost Time.

Mga kasarigan[igliwat | edit source]

  1. James Marcus, review of John Updike's Due Considerations (2007), 28 October 2007, "Updike [is] a self-proclaimed 'Proust-lover'" Link

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