Sarah Bernhardt

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Sarah Bernhardt

Bernhardt around 1878, photograph by Paul Nadar (crop)
Natawo Rosine Bernardt
ca. 22 Oktubre 1844(1844-10-22)[1]
Paris, France
Namatay 26 Marso 1923 (edad 78)
Paris, France
Mga tuig nga aktibo 1862–1922
(Mga) asawa Ambroise Aristide Damala (m. 1882 – 1889) «start: (1882)–end+1: (1890)»"Marriage: Ambroise Aristide Damala to Sarah Bernhardt" Location: (linkback://

Hi Sarah Bernhardt (Oktubre 22, 1844 – Marso 26, 1923) usa nga Franses nga aktres ha entablado nga gintatawag nga "gisisikati nga aktres ha kaagi han kalibutan". Naging sikat hi Bernhardt ha mga entablado han Europa ha mga 1870, ngan kumalat ini ha Amerika. Nagkamayda reputasyon hiya nga pagiging seryoso nga aktres ha drama, nga ginagnayan hiya nga "Sarah nga Divino".

Mga kasarigan[igliwat | edit source]

  1. She was baptised in 1857, when she was about 12, but the record is missing. A birth date taken from a certificate of a baptism conducted at the age of 12 would not be reliable as a primary source, and could only be used to corroborate other evidence. (In The Art of High Drama, a Professor Ockman describes finding an "unidentified newspaper clipping" in the Bibliothèque de la Comédie Française in Paris, which included a copy of a baptismal certificate saying Bernhardt was born on 25 September 1844.) It has been claimed that "Bernhardt sometimes celebrated her birthday on 23 October", although there is no verification of this claim. Bernhardt's 1907 autobiography Ma double vie (My Double Life) made no reference to her date of birth.

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