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1st Emperor of the Roman Empire
The statue known as the Augustus of Prima Porta, 1st century
Paghadì 16 January 27 BC – 19 August AD 14
Nag-uná None (Empirre founded)
Nagsunod Tiberius
Natawo 23 September 63 BC
Rome, Roman Republic
Namatay 19 August AD 14 (aged 75)
Nola, Italia, Roman Empire
Paglubong Mausoleum of Augustus, Rome
Inasaw-an Clodia Pulchra (42 BC - 40 BC)
Scribonia (40 BC - 38 BC)
Livia Drusilla (37 BC - 14 AD)
Anak Julia the Elder
Gaius Caesar (adoptive)
Lucius Caesar (adoptive)
Agrippa Postumus (adoptive)
Tiberius (adoptive)
Bug-os nga ngaran
Imperator Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus Divi Filius Augustus
Panimalay Julio-Claudian Dynasty
Amay Gaius Octavius
Iroy Atia Balba Caesonia

Hi Augustus o Augusto nga tinatawag gihapon nga César Augusto o kundi man Sesar Augusto amo an naging siyahan nga emperador han Imperyo Romano, nga iya ginhadian tikang ha 27 BC ngadto ha iya kamatayan ha AD 14.

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