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Elizabeth I
Elizabeth I , "Darnley Portrait", c. 1575
Queen of England and Ireland (more...)
Paghadi 17 November 1558 – 24 March 1603
Pagkoronar 15 January 1559
Predecessors Mary I and Philip
Sinmurunod James I
Panimalay House of Tudor
Amay Henry VIII
Iroy Anne Boleyn
Natawo 7 September 1533
Greenwich, England
Namatay 24 Marso 1603 (edad 69)
Richmond, England
Lubnganan Westminster Abbey

Hi Elizabeth I han Inglaterra o kun ha Ininglis: Elizabeth I of England (Setyembre 7, 1533 - Marso 24, 1603), amo an nagin Hada o Reyna han Inglatera tikang han Nobyembre 17, 1558 kutob hiya namatay ha 1603.

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