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Maupay![Igliwat an wikitext]


Karan-on para ha imo pag-abot! Pag-ilob laFace-smile.svg

Kumusta, ŠJů, ngan dayon ha Wikipedia! Salamat han im mga amot. Hinaot unta nga maruyag ngan magbuot ka nga pumirmi dinhi. Igpapabilin ko ini nga mga pakli kay bangin mo mahigamitan:

Welcome to Waray-Waray Wikipedia ŠJů! Feel free to leave a message at my talk page should you need my assistance. You may also post your message or request at the Waray-Waray embassy if you cannot speak Waray-Waray.

If you have not done so, please consider using babel on your user page. This will facilitate better communication especially to those who wish to contact you. Thank you.

Alayon igpirma it im mga sinurat ha mga hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli pinaagi han pagbutang han upat nga giritinggiting (~~~~); ini in kalugaringon nga mahatag hit im agnay ngan an petsa. Kun kinahanglan mo hin bulig, panginanoa an Wikipedia:Mga Pakiana, pakiana ha akon hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli o magbutang hin {{buligi}} ha imo hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli ngan didto ka magpakiana. Utro, maupay! --JinJian 02:31, 15 Disyembre 2010 (UTC)

Czech districts[Igliwat an wikitext]

  1. So instead of using Benešov (distrito) or Benešov (district), are you suggesting that the proper name should be in Czech form Okres Benešov?
  2. You said that the "o" should not be capitalized; do you mean that we should be using okres Benešov instead of Okres Benešov?

I need confirmation from you before I make some edits. Thanks --JinJian 13:30, 3 Mayo 2011 (UTC)

At the beginning of record or sentence, the first letter is always capitalized from this reason. In other cases, okres Benešov should be used. However, that is a speciality of Czech grammar that such common part of proper name isn't capitalized - if the name is used in an other language, it is better to capitalize both words. The right Czech word-order is okres Benešov. According to English grammar, word-order is reversed and both words are capitalized (Benešov District). I think, the word "okres" can be translated but cannot be quite missing. I cannot judge whether in waray-waray language is better to use the Czech word, the English word or some waray-waray word and I don't know whether waray-waray language uses rather "Benešov Distrito" or "Distrito Benešov". I don't know waray-waray grammar and ortography rules of word-order and capitalization.
Btw, Category:Mga distrito han Slovakia is very similar problem. Slovakian districts have similar history and identic terminology as Czech districts. --ŠJů 23:09, 3 Mayo 2011 (UTC)