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Ako si Estudyante

¡Uswag ngan dayon![Igliwat an wikitext]

¡Uswag ngan dayon ha Wikipedia! Unta mahimo nga mahinungdanon an im pagkanhe ngan pagbulig hini nga proyekto. Kon mayda ka maibubulig pagsurat o paghubad ha Winaray nga artikulo, ayaw pag-alang. Aton ini nga proyekto.

Kon karuyag ka magsari o magprobar, pakadto hit Wikipedia:Sandbox

Kon karuyag ka magsurat hin artikulo pero diri ka sigurado kon ano it angay igsurat pakadto hiton Wikipedia:Lista_han_Mga_Artikulo_nga_Angay_Ada_ha_Wikipedia para hin mga ideya.

Mayda duha nga mailing list nga puyde ka bumulig liwat:

--Harvzs 06:46, 2 Nobyembre 2008 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]

Salamat. Nalilipay ako. Estudyante 06:31, 17 Abril 2009 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]

Re: Messages in Betawiki[Igliwat an wikitext]

I got your message. Re: translating messages in Betawiki, I think you'll have to create an account there since Betawiki is separate from the Waray Wikipedia. As to whether you need to be an admin, you might want to check out the info there since I already was an admin before Betawiki came about in it's current form (this Wikipedia was created in 2005 and Betawiki came much later), although last I checked, being an admin was not a requirement. By the way, ¿are you a native Waray speaker or if not, are you fluent in Waray? --Harvzs 07:36, 24 Abril 2009 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]

To admit it, I'm not really a native speaker of Waray, I can speak a little, so I have decided to help this wiki's software instead of creating long articles here. I suppose I can help in translating the messages that appear when you point your mouse to the link in the toolbox (left side). Estudyante 03:50, 25 Abril 2009 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]

Bag-o nga Syahan nga Pakli[Igliwat an wikitext]

I've actually already left a comment on this at the Syahan nga Pakli hiruhimangraw/talk page. To reiterate what I've stated there. I'm not really too eager on changing the current one since it seems to work fine and I have reservations about the way the proposed header looks--it looks like being too imitative of the Tagalog Wikipedia whereas the other Philippine-language wikipedias maintain an individuality by having different headers/Main Pages. (See for example the Cebuano Wikipedia, Kapampangan Ilokano, Pangasinense and Zamboanga Chavacano Wikipedia mainpages where they have a different layout).

Now having said that, I can see your point though that the current one could use improvement. So I think there's no harm in trying out a different Syahan nga Pakli. However, I would suggest the following: change the color scheme from gold into something blue or blue green--for some reason the proposed color scheme doesn't seem to match the rest of the Syahan nga Pakli so a blue or a blue-green color or a light blue might be better suited.

Also in proposed header change the following text: "6,546 mga artikulong nasa Binisaya nga Lineyte-Samarnon." It should read "6,546 nga mga artikulo ha Winaray o Binisaya nga Lineyte-Samaranon". In Waray, when giving a count of something, the linker "nga" comes between the number and the thing being counted such as "6,546 nga mga artikulo" (technically it is also possible to use the syntax number + ka + artikulo like in "6546 ka artikulo" but I think the syntax "6,546 nga mga artikulo" is already fine). The article "ha" can and does assume the function of the Tagalog "nasa" and also, there is a difference of opinion on whether the formal name of our language should be "Winaray" or "Binisaya nga Lineyte-Samarnon", hence to accomodate both opinions use both. Also, the Tagalog "sariwain" in Waray should be translated. There are three possibilities of transalating "sariwain" and they are "lunghawi", "bag-ohi", "lab-asi". But let me first consult other Waray speakers as to which one should be used.

Oh, and one more thing. If and when we decide to implement the new Syahan nga Pakli, we should archive the old Syahan nga Pakli so that later visitors can see how the original Syahan nga Pakli looked. I'll be looking at the other Wikipedias to find out how they archived their old Main Pages so that we can include the appropriate link in the Ganghaan han Komunidad (Community Portal).

--Harvzs 04:46, 28 Abril 2009 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]

Okay thanks. I'll see if there will be a consensus. Take note though, I will only be available until May 31 because classes will start early (I'm only a high school student). Estudyante 05:18, 28 Abril 2009 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]


Karan-on para ha imo pag-abot! Pag-ilob laFace-smile.svg

Kumusta, Estudyante, ngan dayon ha Wikipedia! Salamat han im mga amot. Hinaot unta nga maruyag ngan magbuot ka nga pumirmi dinhi. Igpapabilin ko ini nga mga pakli kay bangin mo mahigamitan:

Welcome to Waray-Waray Wikipedia Estudyante! Feel free to leave a message at my talk page should you need my assistance. You may also post your message or request at the Waray-Waray embassy if you cannot speak Waray-Waray.

Alayon pagpirma hit im ngaran ha mga hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli pinaagi han pagbutang han upat nga giritinggiting (~~~~); ini in kalugaringon nga mahatag hit im agnay ngan an petsa. Kun kinahanglan mo hin bulig, panginanoa an Wikipedia:Mga Pakiana, pakiana ha akon hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli o magbutang hin {{buligi}} ha imo hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli ngan didto ka magpakiana. Utro, maupay!--JinJian 06:09, 28 Nobyembre 2010 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]