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Cross wiki promo[Igliwat an wikitext]

Please be warned - this is a cross wiki partypromo/spam effort. The Dutch vandalism report can be found here. Als the links are meta-blacklisted. accounts and sockpuppets galore - usually the first one was a crosswiki account called Wiki_Languagecode-for-that-specific-Wikipedia_Wiki. MoiraMoira, moderator Wikipedia-nl

As others have stated before: In what sense is that spam? I've noticed that PIP articles are included in various different languages; nevertheless, the content this not spam style but rather a normal wiki tone.
What MoiraMoira writes does not make any sense whatsoever. This has been already pointed out to her/him and he/she has not responded. Claire Maria 15:54, 31 Disyembre 2007 (UTC)