Hiruhimangraw:Scardinius scardafa

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Mabibilngan dinhi - nagkikinahanglan hin paghubad[Igliwat an wikitext]

Sumala ha Catalogue of life, mabibilngan ini nga species ha "Europe: Tyrrhenian basin from Magra to Garigliano drainages in Italy. Introduced in Lake Scanno (Pescara drainage, Italy), which is the only locality where it is known to survive. Also survived some time in Lake Massaciuccoli (Serchio drainage [north of Pisa], Italy) but the present status of this population is still unknown.". Alayon pagbulig hiton paghubad o paghatag hin kadugangan nga kasayoran hinin nga artikulo.: <ref name = "COL"/>[1] Lsjbot (talk) 13:54, 18 Marso 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]