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I'm Born in Tabina Zamboanga Del Sur Philippines, Gregorio Yanoc Ramis, was the pioneer and first Capitan Del Bario of Tabina or Tenyente del Bario. Tabina was Sitio, part of Dimataling Zamboanga Del Sur. He promote the Tabina to be come a Bario. He worked hard for Tabina to become a TOWN, back and forth to Dimataling by Cano rain or shine even big waves strike he still pursued going to Dimataling by Banca or Cano him self just to for the people of Tabina, he didn't give -up until the Tabina become a Town, Gregorio Yanoc Ramis,RECOMMEND Antonio Adaptar to be first Appointed Mayor of Tabina. Gregorio Yanoc Ramis, was a Signature of Tabina Zamboanga Del Sur Philippines.