Igor Stravinsky

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Hi Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky (Rinusyan: Игорь Фёдорович Стравинский, Igor' Fjodorovič Stravinskij) (17 Hunyo [O.S. 5 Hunyo] 1882 – 6 Abril 1971) usa nga Rusyano nga compositor, pianista, ngan konductor, nga ginkikilala nga usa ha giiimportantihi nga compositor han ika 20 siglo nga mga musika.

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  • "Huxley on Huxley". Dir. Mary Ann Braubach. Cinedigm, 2010. DVD. Ginhipos tikang han orihinal han 2014-11-08. Ginkuhà 2015-01-29.CS1 maint: others (link)
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  • Jews and Geniuses On Stravinsky being a Jew or not and about his antisemitism. See also another response and the original media review by Robert Craft.
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  • Portrait of Igor Stravinsky conducting – A series of images from the UBC Library Digital Collections depicting the composer rehearsing with the New York Philharmonic.

The Ekstrom Collection of the Diaghilev and Stravinsky Foundation is held by the Victoria and Albert Museum London, Department of Theatre and Performance. A full catalogue and details of access arrangements are available here Ginhipos 2012-12-23 ha Archive.today.

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