Leonhard Euler

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Leonhard Euler
Portrait by Johann Georg Brucker (1756)
Natawo 15 Abril 1707(1707-04-15)
Basel, Switzerland
Namatay 18 Septyembre 1783 (edad 76)
[OS: 7 September 1783]
Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire
Taga Kingdom of Prussia, Russian Empire
Nasodhanon Swiss
Mga larangan Mathematics and Physics
Mga instituto Imperial Russian Academy of Sciences
Berlin Academy
Alma mater University of Basel
Nagsagdon han pagdodoktor niya Johann Bernoulli
Mga tinudlo niya han pagdodoktor Nicolas Fuss
Johann Hennert
Joseph Louis Lagrange
Stepan Rumovsky
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Mga panuratan
He is the father of the mathematician Johann Euler
He is listed by academic genealogy authorities as the equivalent to the doctoral advisor of Joseph Louis Lagrange.

Hi Leonhard Euler (kaluwas Oiler) (Abril 15, 1707 – Setyembre 7, 1783) amo an usa ka Swisa nga matematiko ngan pisiko. Ha Rusya ngan Alemanya hiya nag-ukoy haros bug-os niya nga kinabuhi. Hi Euler damo an iya nahalikwat matungod han calculus ngan topolohiya.

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