An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Guimaras"

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{{Infobox probinsya Pilipinas |
ngaran = Probinsya han Guimaras |
sealfile = [[Image:Ph_seal_guimarasPh seal guimaras.png]] |
rehiyon = [[Katundan nga Kabisay-an]] (Rehiyon VI) |
kapital = [[Jordan, Guimaras|Jordan]] |
mga yinaknan = [[Hiligaynon language|Hiligaynon]] |
gobernador = Joaquin Carlos Rahma A. Nava |
locatormapfile = [[Image:Ph_locator_map_guimarasPh locator map guimaras.png]]
==Katawhan ngan Kultura==
An mga taga-Guimaras ginsisiring nga mga [[Ilonggo]] ngan an ira yinaknan [[Hiligaynon|Hiligaynon]]. Hiligaynon amo an yinaknan han kadam-an.
Gonzalo Ronquillo de Peñalosa, a Spanish leader, established the Spanish settlement in Guimaras for the purpose of the Christianization of the natives of the island. He and his subordinates organized the pueblicitos or villages of Nayup, with San Pedro Apostol as the patron saint, and Igang, with Sta. Ana as the patroness.
Evangelization of Guimaras occurred around the same time the friars were making inroads in [[Panay]]. The Augustinians established the visitas of Nayup and Igang dependent on Oton, Iloilo. Gov. Gen. Dasmariñas [[20 June]] [[1551]] report to the king noted that the friars of Oton made regular visits to the island.
In [[1742]], the island fell under the jurisdiction of Dumangas - now known as [[Iloilo]], until [[1751]] when the Augustinian Order was replaced by the [[Jesuit]]s, after which the [[Dominican order]] took over Guimaras. The Jesuits, who had established a school in Iloilo and had missions in Molo and Arevalo, charge of the island. By [[1755]], it was organized into a regular parish. When the population increased considerably, the island was given its municipal status with a seat of government at Tilad (now known as Buenavista). In [[1908]], during the American period, the Guimarasnons were given the oppurtunity to elect their municipal president.
==Mga Sumpay ha Gawas==
*[ Gobyerno han Probinsya han Guimaras]
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