An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "Frinanses"

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==Mga sumpay ha gawas==
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===Mga organisasyon===
* [ Office québécois de la langue française] (ha [[Quebec]])
* [ Fondation Alliance française]: an international organization for the promotion of French language and culture {{fr icon}}
** [ Annuaire du réseau mondial]: Directory of international network {{fr icon}}
* [ Agence de promotion du FLE]: Agency for promoting French as a foreign language
====Mga ihap====
* {{cite web|last=Smith|first=Paul|title=French, Numbers|url= |title=French, Numbers |last=Smith |first=Paul |work=Numberphile |publisher=[[Brady Haran]]}}
====Mga libro====
* {{fr icon}} [ La langue française dans le monde 2010] (Full book freely accessible) {{fr icon}}

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