An pagkakaiba han mga rebisyon han "El Niño"

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An '''El Niño''' amo an usa nga panhitabo ha [[Kalawdan Pasipiko]]. Tikang ini ha kinatsila nga may kasirigngon nga "bata nga lalaki". Mayda ini kinalaman ha pag-iiba han temperatura ha babaw han katubigan han [[Kalawdan Pasipiko]].
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==Padugang nga barasahon==
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==Mga sumpay ha gawas==
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* [ International Research Centre on El Niño-CIIFEN]
* [ PO.DAAC's El Niño Animations]
* [ National Academy of Sciences El Niño/La Niña article]
* [ Latest El Niño/La Niña Data from NASA]
* [ Economic Costs of El Niño / La Niña and Economic Benefits from Improved Forecasting] from "NOAA Socioeconomics" website initiative
* [ El Niño and La Niña from the 1999 International Red Cross World Disasters Report] by Eric J. Lyman.
* [ NOAA announces 2004 El Niño]
* [ NOAA El Niño Page]
* [ Ocean Motion: El Niño]
* [ The Climate of Peru]
* [ What is El Niño?]
* [ Kelvin Wave Renews El Niño — NASA, Earth Observatory image of the day, 2010, March 21]
* [,-112.851562&spn=137.94866,339.257813 Google Map of the El Niño Zone] Zoom in on the ocean currents, wind currents, hydrothermal vents, volcanoes, tectonic plates, and weather related to the El Niño Zone.

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