Rebolusyon Ruso

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Russian Revolution
Part of World War I and the Revolutions of 1917–23
Bolshevik forces marching on Red Square
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Location Russia

Bolshevik victory

Flag of Russia Imperial Governmenta
Flag of Russia Provisional Government
Socialist red flag.svg Petrograd Soviet
Socialist red flag.svg Bolsheviks
Socialist red flag.svg Leftist Socialists
Commanders and leaders
Imperial Standard of the Emperor of Russia (1858–1917).svg Nicholas IIa
Flag of Russia Georgy Lvov
Flag of Russia Alexander Kerensky
Socialist red flag.svg Vladimir Lenin
Socialist red flag.svg Leon Trotsky
Socialist red flag.svg Lev Kamenev
Flag of Russia Imperial Russian Army Socialist red flag.svg Red Guards: 200,000
a. Until 15 March 1917.

An Rebolusyon Ruso han 1917 amo an sunod sunod nga rebolusyon nga nagpatumba han Tsarhanon nga autokrasya nga nagbulig paghimo han unyon Sobyet. An siyahan nga rebolusyon nahitabo ha Pebrero 1917. An Tsar nabalyuan han gobyerno probisiyonal. An ikaduha nga rebolusyon nahitabo ha Oktubre. An mga Bolshevik an nagbalyo ha gobyerno probisiyonal.

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An Rebolusyon Ruso in ginhimo nga salida ha pipira nga mga pelikula.

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