Qin Shi Huang

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Qin Shi Huangdi
Qin Shi Huang
Ancestral name (姓): Ying (嬴)
Clan name (氏): Zhao¹ (趙)
Given name (名): Zheng (政)
King of the State of Qin
Dates of reign: 7 May 247 BC – 221 BC
Official title: King of Qin (秦王)
First Emperor of China
Dates of reign: 221 BC – 10 September 210 BC
Official title: First Emperor (始皇帝)
Dates are in the proleptic Julian calendar
1. As appears in the Records of the Grand Historian
by Sima Qian. Apparently, the First Emperor being born
in the State of Zhao where his father was a hostage, he later
adopted Zhao as his clan name (in ancient China clan names
often changed from generation to generation), but this is
not completely certain.
Qin Shi Huang
Chinese 秦始皇
Ying Zheng
Chinese 嬴政

Hi Qin Shi Huang (Inintsik: 秦始皇; pinyin: Qín Shǐhuáng; Wade-Giles: Ch'in Shih-huang) (259 BCE – 210 BCE), personal nga ngaran Ying Zheng (Chinese: 嬴政; pinyin: Yíng Zhèng), amo an usa hadi han estado Tsina nga Qin tikang 246 BCE ngadto ha 221 BCE ha panahon han nagigiyera nga mga estado. Hiya an naging una nga emperador han nagkausa nga Tsina han 221 BCE. Namuno hiya kutob han iya kamatayan han 210 BCE nga may edad nga 50.

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