Batakan:Infobox tulay

Tikang ha Wikipedia
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Paggamit[Igliwat an wikitext]

Opisyal nga ngaran {{{official_name}}}
Local nga ngaran {{{other_name}}}
Akos {{{carries}}}
Gintatabok {{{crosses}}}
Lugar {{{locale}}}
Tag-iya {{{owner}}}
Nagmamantener {{{maint}}}
Numero han ID {{{id}}}
Websayt {{{website}}}
Arkitekto {{{architect}}}
Ilustrador {{{designer}}}
Enhenyero/Grupo nga nagplano {{{engineering}}}
Nakakuha han plano {{{winner}}}
Nakakuha han kontrata {{{contracted_designer}}}
Ilustrasyon {{{design}}}
Materyal {{{material}}}
Kahalaba {{{length}}}
Kahalu-ag {{{width}}}
Kahataas {{{height}}}
Pinakahalaba nga arko {{{mainspan}}}
Kadamo han arko {{{spans}}}
Poste ha tubig {{{pierswater}}}
Limitasyon han karga {{{load}}}
Vertical clearance {{{clearance}}}
Clearance below {{{below}}}
Kaiha-on han gamit {{{life}}}
Nagtindog {{{builder}}}
Fabrication by {{{fabricator}}}
Gintikangan an pagtindog {{{begin}}}
Nahuman {{{complete}}}
Gastos han pagtindog {{{cost}}}
Ginbuksan {{{open}}}
Inaugurated {{{inaugurated}}}
Upa {{{toll}}}
Daily traffic {{{traffic}}}
Ginsundan {{{preceded}}}
Sumunod {{{followed}}}
Heritage status {{{heritage}}}
Naruba {{{collapsed}}}
Ginsara {{{closed}}}
Lumiwan {{{replaces}}}
[[Image:{{{map_image}}}|{{{map_width}}}|alt={{{map_alt}}}| ]]

Copy and paste the template below:

{{Infobox tulay
| bridge_name      = 
| native_name      = 
| native_name_lang = 
| image            = 
| image_size       = 
| alt              = 
| caption          = 
| official_name    = 
| other_name       = 
| carries          = 
| crosses          = 
| locale           = 
| owner            = 
| maint            = 
| id               =
| website          =
| architect        = 
| designer         = 
| engineering      = 
| design           = 
| material         = 
| length           = 
| width            = 
| height           = 
| mainspan         = 
| spans            = 
| pierswater       = 
| load             = 
| clearance        = 
| below            = 
| life             = 
| builder          = 
| fabricator       = 
| begin            = 
| complete         = 
| cost             = 
| open             = 
| inaugurated      = 
| toll             = 
| traffic          = 
| preceded         = 
| followed         = 
| heritage         = 
| collapsed        = 
| closed           =
| replaces         =
| map_cue          = 
| map_image        = 
| map_alt          = 
| map_text         = 
| map_width        = 
| coordinates      = 
| lat              = 
| long             = 
| references       = 
| extra            = 

Isplikasyon han mga Parametro[Igliwat an wikitext]

Field Isplikasyon
bridge_name Ngaran han tulay (Orihinal nga ngaran)
native_name Ngaran han tulay ha lumad nga yinaknan kon may-ada iba nga ngaran
native_name_lang ISO code for the local language (e.g. "fr" for French). If more than one, enter the native names using {{Lang}} instead.
image Filename of image of the bridge
alt Alt text for bridge image (see WP:ALT)
caption caption han litrato
official_name Opisyal nga ngaran
other_name Iba nga ngaran
carries Klase han bihikulo nga pwede makaagi ha tulay
crosses Ngaran han katubigan nga gintabok han tulay
locale Lugar (bungto ug barangay) nga kinahimtangan han tulay
owner Grupo hin tawo ug syahan nga ngaran han tawo nga tag-iya han tulay
maint An grupo nga nagmamantener han tulay
id United States National Bridge ID#, if available
architect An responsable nga arkitekto han mga plano
designer Haros kaparehas la han arkitekto / Grupo han kompanya nga naghimo han desenyo
engineering Haros kaparehas la han arkitekto / Grupo han kompanya nga naghimo han desenyo
winner An nagdaug hiton paghimo han desenyo
contracted_designer nakakuha han kontrata
design Type of bridge (cantilever, truss, suspension)
material Construction material (concrete, steel, iron, stone, brick, wood)
length Length of bridge, w/ conversions
width Width of bridge, w/ conversions
height Height of bridge, w/ conversions
mainspan Length of main span, w/ conversions
spans Number of spans or arches
pierswater Number of piers standing in a river or other water in normal conditions
load Load limit of the bridge, w/ conversions
clearance Clearance on top of the bridge, if proper
below Clearance beneath the bridge
life Design life of the bridge in years
builder Construction company or bridge builder
fabricator Steel fabricator
begin Construction begin
complete Construction end
cost Total project cost
open Opening date, use {{Start date}}
inaugurated the date the bridge is ceremonially opened
toll Price of the toll (if a toll bridge)
traffic Average Daily Traffic value
preceded Name of bridge upstream
followed Name of bridge downstream
heritage Heritage status (e.g. UK listed building)
collapsed If collapsed, then date of collapse, don't use closed - closure is assumed
closed Closing date
replaces The bridge or ferry services that this bridge made redundant
map_cue Map title
map_image Filename of map image of bridge
map_alt Alt text for map image (see WP:ALT)
map_text Caption beneath map image of bridge
map_width Map width in a standard value (pixels, for example)
coordinates Latitude and longitude ** i.e. {{Coord|50|01|01|N|90|01|01|W|region:US_type:landmark|display=it}}
lat Latitude
long Longitude** (use either lat + long or {{Coord}})
references References to de-clutter infobox
extra Spare field for additional information

Microformat[Igliwat an wikitext]

The HTML mark up produced by this template includes an hCard microformat, which makes the place-name and location parsable by computers, either acting automatically to catalogue article across Wikipedia, or via a browser tool operated by a person, to (for example) add the subject to an address book. Within the hCard is a Geo microformat, which additionally makes the coordinates (latitude & longitude) parsable, so that they can be, say, looked up on a map, or downloaded to a GPS unit. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

Sub-templates[Igliwat an wikitext]

If the place or venue has an "established", "founded", "opened" or similar date, use {{Start date}} (unless the date is before 1583 CE).

If it has a URL, use {{URL}}.

Please do not remove instances of these sub-templates.

Classes[Igliwat an wikitext]

hCard uses HTML classes including:

  • adr
  • agent
  • category
  • county-name
  • extended-address
  • fn
  • label
  • locality
  • nickname
  • note
  • org
  • region
  • street-address
  • url
  • vcard

Geo is produced by calling {{coord}}, and uses HTML classes:

  • geo
  • latitude
  • longitude

Please do not rename or remove these classes; nor collapse nested elements which use them.

Precision[Igliwat an wikitext]

When giving coordinates, please use an appropriate level of precision. Do not use {{Coord}}'s |name= parameter. A typical 4-lane bridge (25m wide) requires 0.1 second or 0.0001° of precision.