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Rex Francorum (King of the Franks)
Rex Longobardorum (
King of the Lombards)
Imperator Romanorum (
Emperor of the Romans)
Charlemagne denier Mayence 812 814.jpg
A coin of Charlemagne with the inscription KAROLVS IMP AVG ("Carolus Imperator Augustus")
Paghadì 768–814
Pagkoronar Noyon, 9 October 768
Pavia, 10 July 774
Rome, 25 December 800
Nag-uná Pepin the Short
Nagsunod Louis the Pious
Natawo 2 April 742 (Unsure)
Namatay 28 January 814 (aged around 71)
Paglubong Aachen Cathedral
Panimalay Carolingian
Amay Pepin the Short
Iroy Bertrada of Laon
Blessed Carolus Magnus
Reliquary of Blessed Charles Augustus
Ginpapahidungog ha Roman Catholic Church (Germany and France)
Nabeato 814, Aachen ni a court bishop, later confirmed by Pope Benedict XIV[1]
Ginkanonisar 1166 ni Antipope Paschal III[1]
Major shrine Aachen Cathedral
Fiesta 28 January (Aachen and Osnabrück)
Attributes Fleur-de-lis; German Eagle
Patronage Lovers (both licit and illicit), schoolchildren, the Kings of France and Germany, men on horseback, men on the scaffold, crusaders

Hi Carlomagno o Charlemagne (ca. 742 o 747 - 28 Enero, 814) amo an naging hadi han mga Franko nga nagpatikang han Baraan nga Imperyo Romano. Ginkoronahan hiya nga imperador ha 800.

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