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An ekwasyon in uska pamulong panmatematika nga nagpapadig-on han pagkapatas han duha nga ekspresyon.

Pinanbasaran[igliwat | igliwat an pinagtikangan]

Mga sumpay ha gawas[igliwat | igliwat an pinagtikangan]

  • Winplot: General Purpose plotter which can draw and animate 2D and 3D mathematical equations.
  • Mathematical equation plotter: Plots 2D mathematical equations, computes integrals, and finds solutions online.
  • Equation plotter: A web page for producing and downloading pdf or postscript plots of the solution sets to equations and inequations in two variables (x and y).
  • EqWorld—contains information on solutions to many different classes of mathematical equations.
  • fxSolver: Online formula database and graphing calculator for mathematics,natural science and engineering.
  • EquationSolver: A webpage that can solve single equations and linear equation systems.
  • vCalc: A webpage with an extensive user modifiable equation library.