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Maupay![Igliwat an wikitext]


Karan-on para ha imo pag-abot! Pag-ilob laFace-smile.svg

Kumusta, Chemicalinterest, ngan dayon ha Wikipedia! Salamat han im mga amot. Hinaot unta nga maruyag ngan magbuot ka nga pumirmi dinhi. Igpapabilin ko ini nga mga pakli kay bangin mo mahigamitan:

Welcome to Waray-Waray Wikipedia Chemicalinterest! Feel free to leave a message at my talk page should you need my assistance. You may also post your message or request at the Waray-Waray embassy if you cannot speak Waray-Waray.

Alayon pagpirma hit im ngaran ha mga hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli pinaagi han pagbutang han upat nga giritinggiting (~~~~); ini in kalugaringon nga mahatag hit im agnay ngan an petsa. Kun kinahanglan mo hin bulig, panginanoa an Wikipedia:Mga Pakiana, pakiana ha akon hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli o magbutang hin {{buligi}} ha imo hiruhimangraw nga pakli ngan didto ka magpakiana. Utro, maupay! --JinJian 05:34, 28 Nobyembre 2010 (UTC)

Other edits query[Igliwat an wikitext]

Are there any changes to articles here other than "maupay"ing users and making language templates? --Chemicalinterest

Yes, but some waray-waray editors may be busy in real life during this time. Well, i have just finished composing "maupay" recently and now I am using that to greet our fellow users. Some are responding by adding babel to their user pages. That is why most of what you can see for now are maupays and language templates.--JinJian 15:22, 30 Nobyembre 2010 (UTC)
I am almost done adding pictures to element articles. Maybe this article which has some pictures can be created. --Chemicalinterest 15:35, 30 Nobyembre 2010 (UTC)