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Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Lsj

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Tikang ha Wikipedia
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Karan-on para ha imo pag-abot! Pag-ilob la

Kumusta, Lsj, ngan dayon ha Wikipedia! Salamat han im mga amot ha pagliwat. Hinaot unta nga maruyag ngan magbuot ka nga pumirmi dinhi. Igpapabilin ko ini nga mga pakli kay bangin mo la mahigamitan:

Welcome to Waray-Waray Wikipedia Lsj! Feel free to leave a message at my talk page should you need my assistance. You may also post your message or request at the Waray-Waray embassy if you cannot speak Waray-Waray.

If you have not done so, please consider using babel on your user page. This will facilitate better communication especially to those who may wish to contact you. Thank you.

Alayon igpirma it im mga sinurat ha mga hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli pinaagi han pagbutang han upat nga giritinggiting (~~~~); ini in kalugaringon nga mahatag hit im agnay ngan an petsa. Kun kinahanglan mo hin bulig, panginanoa an Wikipedia:Mga Pakiana, pakiana ha akon hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli o magbutang hin {{buligi}} ha imo hiruhimangraw-nga-pakli ngan didto ka magpakiana. Utro, maupay!--JinJian (talk) 09:51, 9 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

(moved from Hiruhimangaw hiton gumaramit:Lsjbot)

Your recent article creation is too fast and is impeding recent changes and new pages patrolling. Please slow down to minimise inconvenience to other editors. Thank you.--Bersatu (talk) 23:52, 17 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

I'm in constant communication with Lsj and I'm watching the edits of Lsjbot. So far the articles are in good order. --JinJian (talk) 01:04, 18 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
The bot is running with bot flag, at normal bot speed (about 7 articles per minute). As a flagged bot, its edits can be hidden both in recent changes and new pages by clicking "Tago-a an mga bot", so patrolling should not be a problem. Does Waray-waray have a stricter bot policy than other language versions? Lsj (talk) 06:48, 18 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
There is none. The normal bot speed is fine. --JinJian (talk) 06:58, 18 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
Thank you. Lsjbot will proceed, until and unless I hear other objections. Note that we are in different time zones; I was well asleep when Bersatu posted the message above. Lsj (talk) 09:37, 18 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
I think user:Harvz is requesting to add the Waray word "An" as the first word of the first sentence as what was done in Pinctada margaritifera‎. The waray word "An" is the equivalent for the english "The" and the cebuano "Ang". The sentence is still fine without the waray word "An", but it sounds better and more natural for the Warays. No need to adjust the articles that have been entered already as they are still technically correct. Do you think that it can be done for future articles? Thanks in advance --JinJian (talk) 02:46, 22 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
Should be easy enough to change for future running. I will let the bot finish the current batch (Cnidaria), and then change the bot code, ok? Lsj (talk) 07:19, 22 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
That should be fine. I appreciate your kindness. It is also applicable to article names with taxonomic rank higher than species like Ovactis, Arachnactidae, Ceriantharia, Anthozoa and Cnidaria.  :)
Also if you could add Waray word "in" in the second sentences (I missed that in the translation that I gave you because it is only noticeable that something is missing when it is actually used in a sentence):
  • An familia nga Arachnactidae in naglalakip hin 38 ka mga species, sumala ha Catalogue of Life.
  • An ordo nga Ceriantharia in naglalakip hin 130 ka mga species, sumala ha Catalogue of Life.
  • An classis nga Anthozoa in naglalakip hin 5947 ka mga species, sumala ha Catalogue of Life.
  • An phylum nga Cnidaria in naglalakip hin 9929 ka mga species, sumala ha Catalogue of Life.
But just like waray word "an", it is still fine without it, but sounds better with it. --JinJian (talk) 10:53, 22 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
"An" added to the bot code. The "in" should have been there already, but apparently I was running with an old version of the translation file. Lsj (talk) 17:46, 22 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
OK like this: Peripatidae? Lsj (talk) 10:21, 23 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
Perfect :) JinJian (talk) 10:39, 23 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

Translation of auctor[Igliwat an wikitext]

Hi! I consulted my friend orthographer Voltaire. I told him that this will be used as a biological term as defined in en:Author citation (botany). He suggested that we use the word "awtor" for author. So I guess "Awtor" is the best word for the translation of author. Thanks--JinJian (talk) 03:20, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

Thank you. Will that work in Cebuano as well, do you think? Lsj (talk) 05:28, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
I think "awtor" will work in Cebuano too. --JinJian (talk) 06:09, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
In the disambiguation page, I would like to write something like this:

"Smith as author abbreviation may refer to:

Could you help me with translation of the first sentence? Lsj (talk) 08:32, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
Single author
"Iton Smith komo pinahalipot nga awtor in puyde mahanungod kan:
Multiple author -> best ->
"Iton Smith komo pinahalipot nga awtor in puyde mahanungod kanda:
Can your bot distinguish between single or multiple author? If not, just use the single author method like this:
Multiple author -> acceptable but barely ->
"Iton Smith komo pinahalipot nga awtor in puyde mahanungod kan:
Thanks --JinJian (talk) 10:48, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
The disambig pages will only be created when there are multiple authors. No need to disambiguate single authors. I will go with the "kanda" version. Thank you. Lsj (talk) 16:20, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
How stupid of me :) LOL. It is only applicable for multiple authors, hence, you are correct in choosing the "kanda" version. Thanks --JinJian (talk) 16:37, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

I have created a sample of such disambiguation pages now - see Kaarangay:Mga awtor. Looks ok? (2nd try - the first try was a failure, I've marked those for deletion) Lsj (talk) 17:33, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

It appears to be working, though I prefer to add waray words "ngaran hiton mga" (english words "name of") in the sentence like this:
"Iton Smith komo pinahalipot nga ngaran hiton mga awtor in puyde mahanungod kanda:
So in english it will read like this:
"Smith as an abbreviated name of authors may refer to:
Thanks. Have a nice day --JinJian (talk) 22:52, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
OK, I made a few more with the revised text, see e.g. Allen (awtor). OK like this? Now I'm going to bed, it's midnight here :) Lsj (talk) 23:02, 25 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
Excellent. But I am a little puzzled about the interwiki link to the Cebuano disambiguation page. Good night :)--JinJian (talk)
Oops. My mistake in the template code. Lsj (talk) 06:09, 26 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
Thanks for fixing it. --JinJian (talk) 08:46, 28 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

The author disambiguation pages are all done now, about 3,000 of them (Kaarangay:Mga awtor). The bot has also gone through all the animal articles and looked for author links that needed correcting. Lsj (talk) 09:23, 28 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

Noted :) --JinJian (talk) 11:30, 28 Pebrero 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

Lsjbot/Oskapade[Igliwat an wikitext]

Error reports have been stacking at Gumaramit:Lsjbot/Oskapade. Although they are relatively few yet, most of them were logged just recently and in appears to be growing in number. Thanks --JinJian (talk) 00:31, 13 Marso 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

These messages are generated when the bot encounters a server error or loses internet connection. All except one are from the same 10-minute period last night. Seems there was a technical problem at that time, that resolved itself after 10 minutes. Only harm done is that the listed articles aren't made. Lsj (talk) 18:22, 13 Marso 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
Ok. I wanted to make sure that these are not serious problems. Thanks --JinJian (talk) 22:28, 13 Marso 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

Image gallery[Igliwat an wikitext]

You may use the Galeriya hin hulagway as waray translation for Image gallery. Have a nice day Lsj, Thanks. :) JinJian (talk) 23:40, 1 Abril 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

Welcome back[Igliwat an wikitext]

Welcome back to Waray-Waray Wikipedia. I miss your edits :) --JinJian (talk) 10:39, 26 Hunyo 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

I recently spent two months in Philippines (guest professor at USC in Cebu), and did not have good enough internet connection there to run a bot. But now I'm back in Sweden, and back in full production. You may have noticed the debate recently surrounding the bot-creation of the millionth article in Swedish Wikipedia, where Waray-Waray is also mentioned -- see e.g. here. Lsj (talk) 10:59, 26 Hunyo 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]
Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps. --Saul Bellow
Collaboration is the key. It is never the fault of your bot to be part of it. Your bot is doing well in planting the seeds of progress. :) Cheers --JinJian (talk) 16:16, 1 Hulyo 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

Do we need a disambig? They are the same person after all. Same with ceb:Linnaeus (awtor), but neither page exist(s?) there. PiRSquared17 (talk) 21:00, 19 Hulyo 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

You are of course right, they are the same. But the bot sees two different names and doesn't "understand" that they refer to the same guy, so it creates a disambig. I suppose the easiest solution for now is to make the disambig page a redirect instead. Then when the bot is not busy I can set it to replace all the links, it's too many to do by hand. And it would be nice if somebody who is fluent in Winaray could write an article about Carolus Linnaeus :) Lsj (talk) 21:44, 19 Hulyo 2013 (UTC)[igbaton]

About adding too stub article on Waray Waray and Cebuano[Igliwat an wikitext]

(Moved the comment to your English wikipedia talk page.)


I see you are adding plant names in the format Watsonia densiflora alba. This is not an allowed format or a meaningful format: is this a subspecies, a forma, a subforma, a variety, a subvariety, or any other of an indefinite number of ranks allowed? I notice that the page you are deriving the data from (at CoL) does offer the correct format and data, so it is merely a matter of copying this correctly. - Brya (hiruhimangraw) 15:51, 17 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]

The actual article is under the correct name Watsonia densiflora. Watsonia densiflora alba is not an article, it is a redirect to the correct name. W. d. alba is listed in CoL as a synonym of W. deniflora, and I'm creating redirects from all listed synonyms, in whatever format, to the valid name. Why is that a problem? Lsj (hiruhimangraw) 17:54, 17 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]
Nope: "W. d. alba is listed in CoL as a synonym of W. den[s]iflora" is emphatically not true. "W. d. alba" is gibberish and should be kept out of Wikipedia.
        The CoL-page lists Watsonia densiflora var. alba as a synonym, and that is usable data. Your Watsonia densiflora alba is not data, but is gibberish also. You cannot make up your own formats, unless you want to write a fantasy novel, filled with make-belief. - Brya (hiruhimangraw) 19:26, 17 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]
If you wish to continue this argument, I suggest you use a more civil tone from now on. I'm accessing CoL through its api, which does deliver the following: "<name>Watsonia densiflora alba</name>" for that synonym. I can skip that kind of 3-component names from now on, if asked politely to do so. Lsj (hiruhimangraw) 20:02, 17 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]
My tone is civil enough. I have not the faintest idea what CoL looks like through its api, but if it is different from what the website provides, you should not be using this "api" (it is obviously faulty). I don't know if you should be using three-component names, but you can only do so if you provide a rank-denoting connecting term. Otherwise it is gibberish. - Brya (hiruhimangraw) 20:21, 17 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]
Your tone is not civil enough. Calling my work "gibberish" and "fantasy" is not civil. Goodbye. Lsj (hiruhimangraw) 21:13, 17 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]
OK: I am open to suggestions. You are producing 'content' that is unique to war-wikipedia (classic violation of the No Original Research-policy) and that has no meaning in the real world. What would you call it? - Brya (hiruhimangraw) 11:17, 18 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]
You are still arguing as if you think I am deliberatively inventing and introducing false information, and I still find that offensive and uncivil. And invoking No Original Research for something taken straight from a named source is just silly. You really ought to read the Good-Faith policy.
The scientific literature contains plenty of examples of this type of tripartite names -- names like Homo sapiens neanderthalensis and Pan troglodytes verus, written exactly like that, are ubiquitious in peer-reviewed journals, also in articles that formally name a subspecific taxon, such as White et al. 2003. This can easily be verified with Google Scholar. So I really don't understand why you find them so offensive.
If you had started out this topic by asking if I might not be doing a mistake by using names of that form, or if there might be a bug in my bot code, and tried to explain in polite terms why you think it's a mistake, this would have made our discussion smoother. Lsj (hiruhimangraw) 13:52, 18 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]
Names like Homo sapiens neanderthalensis and Pan troglodytes verus, written exactly like that, are indeed common in peer-reviewed journals, but they are names of animals. Scientific names of animals are governed by the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, and names of subspecies are indeed given in the form you describe. This can be so because for names of animals there is only one rank allowed below that of species, and there is no risk of confusion.
        Scientific names of plants are governed by the International Code of Nomenclature for algae, fungi, and plants, and constitute an entirely different and separate universe. For scientific names of plants there can exist an indefinite number of ranks below that of species (basically as many as you like), and it is obligatory to add a rank-denoting connecting term (there may easily be ten different "Fantastica alba alba's": Fantastica alba subsp. alba, Fantastica alba var. alba, Fantastica alba subvar. alba, etc, etc).
        What you are doing may indeed be described as "inventing and introducing false information" (your wording). And you are clearly not taking something straight from a named source, unless you are calling the roundabout and faulty "api" straight. The website you are using is correct in its information: your work is not. - Brya (hiruhimangraw) 16:43, 18 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]
Thank you for the information on the difference between botanical and zoological nomenclature, of which I was unaware, having worked mostly with animal biology. But why do you insist on tagging on a deliberatively offensive final paragraph? You should also be careful expressing opinions about things you are not familiar with, such as api. Lsj (hiruhimangraw) 16:57, 18 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]
It is true I have only a vague idea of what an api is, but since you put the blame on the api I went along with that. The final paragraph is mostly what you yourself wrote, and the offense you are finding is of your own making. My initial posting seems clear enough. - Brya (hiruhimangraw) 17:42, 18 Hunyo 2014 (UTC)[igbaton]