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Tikang ha Wikipedia

Maupay nga adlaw Rores. Bangin kumadi ha Tacloban pati liwat ha Calbayog an mga opisyales han Wikimedia Philippines yana nga Nobyembre 2014. Ginplaplano pa. MayDa ka email address? Taga diin ka? Taga Tacloban ako. Adi tak email address: waray@wikimedia.org.ph -JinJian (hiruhimangraw) 08:35, 21 Septyembre 2014 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]

Please join this discussion on how to make more users able to participate in this wiki. Thanks, Nemo 13:49, 2 Enero 2017 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]

Wikipedia PH Month: A Call for Collaboration[Igliwat an wikitext]



Wikipedia Philippine Month or simply Wikipedia PH Month is a monthly online event inspired by Wikipedia Asian Month that aims to promote Philippine content in Philippine Wikipedia editions and beyond. Each participating local community runs a monthly online edit-a-thon, which promotes the creation or improvement of the Wikipedia content about a particular group or groups of people in the Philippines and the region they represent. The participating community is not limited to the Philippines. This activity also aims to encourage collaboration among Filipino contributors within the archipelago and in the diaspora and to create linkages among Filipino and non-Filipino contributors who support the main objective.

If you have any thoughts about this project, kindly share it in the talk page. --Filipinayzd (hiruhimangraw) 19:33, 27 Abril 2020 (UTC)Reply[igbaton]