James Cook

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James Cook
James Cook, portrait by Nathaniel Dance-Holland, c. 1775, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Natawo 7 November [D.E. 27 October] 1728
Marton, (in present-day Middlesbrough) Yorkshire, England
Namatay 14 Pebrero 1779 (edad 50)
Nasyonalidad British
Pag-aram Postgate School, Great Ayton
Trabaho Explorer, navigator, cartographer
Titulo Captain
(Mga) asawa Elizabeth Batts
Mga anak James Cook, Nathaniel Cook, Elizabeth Cook, Joseph Cook, George Cook, Hugh Cook
Mga kag-anak James Cook, Grace Pace

Hi Kapitan James Cook, (Oktubre 27, 1728 - Pebrero 14, 1779) usa nga Inglis nga eksplorador, navigador ngan cartograpo.

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