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Johannes Kepler

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Johannes Kepler
A 1610 portrait of Johannes Kepler by an unknown artist
Natawo Disyembre 27, 1571(1571-12-27)
Free Imperial City of Weil der Stadt near Stuttgart, HRE (now part of the Stuttgart Region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
Namatay Nobyembre 15, 1630 (edad 58)
Regensburg, Electorate of Bavaria, HRE (now Germany)
Taga Germany
Nasodhanon German
Mga larangan Astronomy, astrology, mathematics and natural philosophy
Mga instituto University of Linz
Alma mater University of Tübingen
Nakilala mahitungod han Kepler's laws of planetary motion
Kepler conjecture

Hi Johannes Kepler (Disyembre 27, 1571 – Nobyembre 15, 1630) amo an usa ka Aleman nga matematiko, astronomo ngan astrogo, ngan usa nga pangunahon nga tawo ha ika 17 siglo nga rebolusyon syentipiko.

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