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Juan nga apostol

Tikang ha Wikipedia
Saint John the Apostle[1]
Natawo c. AD 6[2]
Bethsaida, Galilee, Roman Empire
Namatay c. AD 100 (aged 93–94)
place unknown,[3][4] traditionally assumed to be Ephesus, Roman Empire
Ginpapahidungog ha Christianity
Ginkanonisar Pre-congregation
Fiesta 27 December (Roman Catholic, Anglican)
26 September (Orthodox)
Attributes Book, a serpent in a chalice, cauldron, eagle
Patronage Love, loyalty, friendships, authors, booksellers, burn-victims, poison-victims, art-dealers, editors, publishers, scribes, examinations, scholars, theologians

Hi Juan usa ha dose nga apostoles ni Jesucristo.

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  4. Nor do we have reliable accounts from later times. What we have are legends, about some of the apostles – chiefly Peter, Paul, Thomas, Andrew, and John. But the apocryphal Acts that tell their stories are indeed highly apocryphal.

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    “The big problem with this argument [of who would die for a lie] is that it assumes precisely what we don’t know. We don’t know how most of the disciples died. The next time someone tells you they were all martyred, ask them how they know. Or better yet, ask them which ancient source they are referring to that says so. The reality is [that] we simply do not have reliable information about what happened to Jesus’ disciples after he died. In fact, we scarcely have any information about them while they were still living, nor do we have reliable accounts from later times. What we have are legends.”

    — Bart Ehrman, Emerson Green, "Who Would Die for a Lie?"