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An Linatin (tuminongnong nga ngaran lingua Latīna) usa nga Italyano nga pinulongan nga gingagamit tikang pa han-una[1] ha Latium ngan Hadto nga Roma.

Pinanbasaran[igliwat | Igliwat an wikitext]

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Linatin nga edisyon han Wikipedia, an gawasnon nga ensayklopedya

Language tools[igliwat | Igliwat an wikitext]

  • "Latin Dictionary Headword Search". Perseus Hopper. Tufts University. Searches Lewis & Short's A Latin Dictionary and Lewis's An Elementary Latin Dictionary.
  • "Online Latin Dictionary with Conjugator and Declension tool". Olivetti Media Communication. Search online Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary with complete declension or conjugation.
  • "Latin Word Study Tool". Perseus Hopper. Tufts University. Identifies the grammatical functions of words entered.
  • Aversa, Alan. "Latin Inflector". University of Arizona. Identifies the grammatical functions of all the words in sentences entered, using Perseus.
  • "Latin Verb Conjugator". Verbix. Displays complete conjugations of verbs entered in first-person present singular form.
  • "Online Latin Verb Conjugator". Ginhipos tikang han orihinal han 2016-05-18. Ginkuhà 2015-01-22. Displays conjugation of verbs entered in their infinitive form.
  • Whittaker, William. "Latin Words". Notre Dame Archives. Ginhipos tikang han orihinal han 2006-06-18. Ginkuhà 2015-01-22. Identifies Latin words entered. Translates English words entered.
  • "Alpheios Greek and Latin Tools". Alpheios Project. Combines dictionaries, grammars, morphological analyzers, and inflection tables in a browser addon.
  • Latin Dictionaries ngada ha Open Directory Project
  • Dymock, John (1830). A new abridgment of Ainsworth's Dictionary, English and Latin, for the use of Grammar Schools (4th ed.). Glasgow: Hutchison & Brookman. 
  •, genealogic dictionary and register of historical terms

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