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Reino Unido han Gran Bretanya ngan Amihanan nga Irlanda
Nahiusa nga Ginhadi-an han Dako nga Bretanya ngan Amihanan nga Irlanda

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
A flag featuring both cross and saltire in red, white and blue.
Coat of arms containing shield and crown in centre, flanked by lion and unicorn.
Royal coat of arms
Two islands to the north west of continental Europe. Highlighted are the larger island and the north tip if the smaller island to the west.
Kahamutang han  Reino Unido  (masirom nga lunghaw)

– ha kontinente nga Europeo  (light green & masirom nga grey)
– ha Unyon Europea  (light green)  —  [Legend]

ngan gidako-i nga syudad
Opisyal nga mga pinulongan English (de facto)[note 2]
Ginkikilala nga mga rehiyonal nga mga pinulongan Irish, Ulster Scots, Scottish Gaelic , Scots, Welsh, Cornish[note 3]
Mga ethniko nga grupo (2001
See: UK ethnic groups list[1])
92.1% White (mainly of British Isles descent, with minorities of other descent)
4.0% South Asian
2.0% Black
1.2% Mixed
0.4% Chinese
0.4% Other
Relihiyon Anglican
Demonimo British or Briton
Kagamhanan Parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Reyna Elizabeth II
Theresa May MP
Lehislatura Parliament
House of Lords
House of Commons
1 May 1707
1 January 1801
12 April 1922
• Tanan
243,610 km2 (94,060 sq mi) (79th)
• Katubigan (%)
• 2010 nga banabana
62,041,708[2] (22nd)
• 2001 nga census
• Densidad
254.7/km2 (659.7/sq mi) (51th)
GDP (PPP) 2008 nga banabana
• Tanan
$2.228 trillion[4] (7th)
• Per capita
$36,357[4] (18th)
GDP (nominal) 2008 nga banabana
• Tanan
$2.680 trillion[4] (6th)
• Per capita
$43,733[4] (20th)
Gini (2005) 34[5]
Error: Invalid Gini value
HDI (2007) 0.947[6]
Sayop: Diri puyde nga HDI value · 21st
Salapî Pound sterling[note 4] (GBP)
Zona hin oras GMT (UTC+0)
• Katsirak (DST)
Namanehar ha left[note 5]
Kodigo hin pagtawag 44
ISO 3166 nga kodigo GB
Internet TLD

.uk[note 6]

An Reino Unido han Gran Bretanya ngan Amihanan nga Irlanda (ha literal nga Winaray: Nahiusa nga Ginhadi-an han Dako nga Bretanya ngan Amihanan nga Irlanda; ha Ininggles: United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; Kinatsila: Reino Unido de Gran Bretaña e Irlanda del Norte) nga kilalado ha halipot nga Reino Unido (Nahiusa nga Ginhadi-an) o kun ha Ininggles United Kingdom o UK o Britain usa nga soberano nga estado nga nahamutang ha kanawayon o amihanan-katundan nga mga labnasan han katundan nga Europa. Usa ini nga isla-nga-nasod nga naglalakip han Gran Bretanya, an dumagsaan nga dapit han Irlanda ngan damo nga mga gudti-gudti nga mga puro o isla.

Mga kasarigan[igliwat | Igliwat an wikitext]

  1. It is sometimes claimed by those from legislative traditions that God Save the Queen is only the de facto anthem because no law was passed making it so. In the British tradition such laws are not necessary. Proclamation and usage are sufficient to make it the official national anthem. God Save the Queen also serves as the Royal anthem for several other countries.
  2. English is established by de facto usage. In Wales, the Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg is legally tasked with ensuring that, "in the conduct of public business and the administration of justice, the English and Welsh languages should be treated on a basis of equality". "Welsh Language Act 1993". Office of Public Sector Information. Ginkuhà 2007-09-03. . Bòrd na Gàidhlig is tasked with "securing the status of the Gaelic language as an official language of Scotland commanding equal respect to the English language" "Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005". Office of Public Sector Information. Ginkuhà 2007-03-09. 
  3. Under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages the Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, Cornish, Irish, Ulster Scots and Scots languages are officially recognised as Regional or Minority languages by the UK Government ("European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages". Scottish Executive. Ginkuhà 2007-08-23. ) See also Languages of the United Kingdom.
  4. The Euro is accepted in many payphones and some larger shops.
  5. British dependencies drive on the left except for BIOT and Gibraltar.
  6. ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 states that this should be GB and .gb was initially used by the Government, but registration has been suppressed in favour of .uk. The .eu domain is shared with other European Union member states.
  1. "United Kingdom population by ethnic group". United Kingdom Census 2001. Office for National Statistics. 2001-04-01. Ginhipos tikang ha an orihinal han 2003-12-21. Ginkuhà 2009-04-15. 
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