David Hilbert

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David Hilbert
David Hilbert (1912)
Natawo 23 Enero 1862(1862-01-23)
Königsberg or Wehlau, Province of Prussia (today Znamensk, Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia)
Namatay 14 Pebrero 1943 (edad 81)
Göttingen, Germany
Taga Germany
Nasodhanon German
Mga larangan MathematicianPhysicist and Philosopher
Mga instituto University of Königsberg
Göttingen University
Alma mater University of Königsberg
Nagsagdon han pagdodoktor niya Ferdinand von Lindemann
Mga tinudlo niya han pagdodoktor Wilhelm Ackermann
Otto Blumenthal
Werner Boy
Richard Courant
Haskell Curry
Max Dehn
Rudolf Fueter
Paul Funk
Kurt Grelling
Alfréd Haar
Erich Hecke
Earle Hedrick
Ernst Hellinger
Wallie Hurwitz
Margarete Kahn
Oliver Kellogg
Hellmuth Kneser
Robert König
Emanuel Lasker
Klara Löbenstein
Charles Max Mason
Erhard Schmidt
Kurt Schütte
Andreas Speiser
Hugo Steinhaus
Gabriel Sudan
Teiji Takagi
Hermann Weyl
Ernst Zermelo
Nakilala mahitungod han Hilbert's basis theorem
Hilbert's axioms
Hilbert's problems
Hilbert's program
Einstein–Hilbert action
Hilbert space
Mga naimpluwensyahan Immanuel Kant[1]
Mga dagko nga pahidungog Lobachevsky Prize (1903)
Bolyai Prize (1910)

Hi David Hilbert (Enero 23, 1862 – Pebrero 14, 1943) amo an usa ka Aleman nga matematiko. Damo an nayakan nga usa hiya ha mga impluwensiya nga matematiko han ika 19 siglo ngan unhan ika 20 siglo.

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