Lepidosaphes ulmi

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Lepidosaphes ulmi
Lepidosaphes ulmi.jpg
Siyentipiko nga pagklasipika
Ginhadi-an: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Ubosphylum: Hexapoda
Klase: Insecta
Orden: Hemiptera
Labawbanay: Coccoidea
Banay: Diaspididae
Genus: Lepidosaphes
Espesye: Lepidosaphes ulmi
Binomial nga ngaran
Lepidosaphes ulmi
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Mga sinonimo

Mytilococcus tiliae Zahradník, 1972
Mytilococcus populi Zahradník, 1972
Mytilaspis fraxini Borchsenius, 1966
Lepidosaphes mesasiatica Borchsenius, 1962
Mytilococcus ulmi Monti, 1956
Lepidosaphes tiliae Savescu, 1955
Lepidosaphes populi Savescu, 1955
Mytilococcus linearis Lindinger, 1954
Lepidosaphes oleae Balachowsky, 1954
Lepidosaphes fici Lindinger, 1954
Mytilococcus oleae Lupo, 1939
Mytilococcus ulmi Lindinger, 1936
Mytilococcus saliceti Lindinger, 1936
Lepidosaphes linearis Lindinger, 1936
Coccus conchiformis Ferris, 1936
Lepidosaphes vulva Nel, 1933
Lepidosaphes pinniformis Lindinger, 1912
Lepidosaphes bicolor Sanders, 1909
Mytilaspis pomorum Newstead, 1907
Mytilaspis pomorum Lindinger, 1907
Mytilaspis bicolor Newstead, 1906
Lepidosaphes juglandis Fernald, 1903
Lepidosaphes ceratoniae Fernald, 1903
Lepidosaphes pomorum Kirkaldy, 1902
Mytilaspis pomorum Newstead, 1901
Mytilaspis pomorum Newstead, 1901
Mytilaspis ulmi Cockerell, 1899
Mytilaspis ceratoniae Gennadius, 1895
Aspidiotus pyrus-malus Cockerell, 1894
Mytilaspis ulicis Douglas, 1886
Mytilaspis vitis Goethe, 1884
Aspidious fraxini Altum, 1882
Mytilaspis ulmicorticis Riley, 1874
Mytilaspis pomicorticis Riley, 1873
Mytilaspis pomorum Signoret, 1870
Mytilaspis juglandis Signoret, 1870
Mytilococcus communis Amerling, 1858
Aspidiotus conchiformis Fitch, 1855
Aspidiotus pomorum Bouché, 1851
Aspidiotus falciformis Baerensprung, 1849
Aspidiotus conchiformis Curtis, 1843
Diaspis linearis Costa, 1829
Coccus berberidis Schrank, 1801
Coccus amygdali Schrank, 1801
Coccus ulmi Linnaeus, 1758

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